Our crew consists of experienced professional pilots with thousands of hours in wide and narrowbody airliners as well as general aviation aircraft including helicopters. We believe that the accumulated experience of our crew serves the Board of LEHNER INVESTMENTS in a safe and professional manner on their itineraries.
Crew composition
Riccardo Arrigoni - LehnAIR

Riccardo Arrigoni
is the Head of our Flight Division. He holds a commercial pilot license with Instrument Rating and flies single and multi engine airplanes. Additionally, he holds a helicopter pilot license.


Markus Lehner - LehnAIR

Markus Lehner
He acts as Pilot in Command on his flights to combine passion for flying and traveling for business. He holds an Instrument Rating on single and multi engine airplanes.


Thomas Wieser - LehnAIR

Thomas Wieser
Airline pilot for an Austrian Airline. He has logged thousands of flighthours, being also an experienced flight instructor and examiner. He acts as an advisor and corporate pilot at LehnAIR.


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