Choosing the right Aircraft is a very complex task since many important details have to be considered sothat the base for most efficient operations are provided afterwards.
We at LehnAIR, the flight division of LEHNER INVESTMENTS, went through this challenging process and have selected our current and future aircraft based on the following:

Budget: buying and operating The purchase price of an aircraft does not reflect the operating costs associated to it. A new small plane might cost much more than a used larger plane but the operating costs of the new might be substantially lower than the older one.
Distance to destination This determines the range the aircraft needs to perform. The dimension of the aircraft doesn not always reflect its range.
Number of passengers It is important to study the performance of an aircraft in different configurations since it does not always fly at full range with all the passengers on board.
Private or Commercial operations Having its aircraft under an Air Operator allows to rent it out when not in use by the owner. At the same time this requires additional training and procedures to ensure the safety of commercial operations.
Airport dimension Not all aircraft can land at the local or regional airport. Runway dimensions and ground services have to be taken in consideration when it comes to buy an aircraft.
Flight crew Pilots need to be trained on the aircraft you are going to buy. The "type rating" is a necessary achievement pilots need to ensure safe operations. Additionally, finding the right crew is hard work.
Financing and Insurance companies are not looking for troubles. Most of them will look at the pilots' experience, the type of aircraft and its usage.
Registration Different rules apply to the aircraft registration. For example EASA (European) rules are different than FAA (American) rules.
Legal Owner It might be a physical person or a legal entity, depending on ownership structure, responsibilities and liabilities.
Maintenance centers are responsible to keep the plane airworthy. Those centers might be located far from the homebase therefore it essential to know in advance where it is possible to maintain its aircraft.
Equipment The aircraft's equipment is depending on how the aircraft is used. Additionally, specific instruments must be onboard to register the plane in specific countries. Some cabin options like lavatory or multimedia centers might not be available on all the planes.
Aircraft sales Already at the acquisition of an aircraft its estimated value at the time of sales should be considered. This is depending also on some of the above mentioned facts.
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